Once your PFD is received, one of our technicians will check to ensure it has no password protection or any other technical reason it will not render properly. Once your PDF has been checked, the technician will create your html5 publication using our digital publishing platform.

We aim to get you your initial proof back the following working day.

  1. Send Proof – We send you the initial proof produced from your PDF
  2. Discuss your needs – Your dedicated account manager will get in touch and discuss your needs and make suggestions to improve your digital publication
  3. Produce Publication – A technician will add any additional elements to your publication
  4. Live Publication – Once you have signed off the publication, we will make it available for you to distribute.

The proof is initially a direct representation of the PDF you uploaded. One of our account managers will then call and discuss the additional features available that make your digital publication more interactive and engaging.

Working with your dedicated account manager once they know what additional features and branding requirements you require, they will supply you with a cost before any further work is carried out.

Only when your publication has been produced and signed off will we produce an invoice.

No, we charge a one-off cost. There are no further hosting charges, no fair usage charges or hidden fees.

Yes, you can make changes to individual pages at any time. If the changes are within a month of the publication going live (a live publication is one that has been signed off and being distributed), they are free of charge after that £10 per page edit.

Yes, if you have a digital catalogue that is seasonal, for example, then each edition is hosted on the same URL. The primary benefit is anyone who has saved the URL to the online catalogue each time they visit, will only see the most current catalogue, doubling down on your past marketing efforts.

Inform your dedicated account manager or contact Digitalissue Publishing, and your publication will be deleted normally within 24 hours.

No, they don’t. Once published online, your readers only need an internet browser.

Once published, you can view it on all devices via a web browser. No App required!

Once your publication has been signed off and published, you are free to distribute from as many websites or social media platforms as you wish.

Yes, you are able to set privacy for a digital online publication at any time. You just need to supply the authorisation ID (usually email), then only authorised readers have access to your publication.

Yes, we can insert multimedia elements into your digital publication. This can include MP4 video, animated GIF’s, Audio and additional images via a slideshow.

The created HTML5 publications work on all current web browsers: Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on.

Yes, it works for right-to-left script languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. The book can be flipped from right to left. Besides, it allows you to change the prompt language for the toolbar and buttons.

Yes, We can produce an .exe file of the flipbook, giving you the option to burn it into a CD or USB, which can be distributed and read without an Internet connection… (there is an additional cost for this service)

Yes, we can supply the file structure so you can upload the digital publication to your own server.

No, Digitalissue Publishing is visited by millions of readers every month and can handle large volumes of traffic.

When it comes to technology, our platform has one of the most realistic page-turning animations and is one of the most flexible in the industry. We have been in the industry since 2008, and throughout that time, we have come out with all kinds of ideas to improve the digital editions that we make. So there are lots of great things we can do for you on our platform that you can’t do on others, and we never stop improving.

While features may be important, our main difference is we do all the work for you. No need to skill up on a new software package or understand the many languages used; just send over your PDF and leave it to us. Our customers tell us when compared to other companies; we care a lot! We have worked hard on a culture of doing things right and taking the strain away from our customers. We are here to be counted on.